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    Friends Don't Let Friends Buy Essential Oils (or Essential Oil Tools) on Amazon.

    Friends Don't Let Friends Buy Essential Oils (or Essential Oil Tools) on Amazon.

    A few months ago my wife and I decided to limit our Amazon purchases. 


    Because we know what it can do to online sellers. 

    Back in the 90's Walmart came around and decimated the Ma & Pa brick and mortar store 

    In the 2020's Amazon has the potential to decimate the online eCommerce store. 

    But what does that have to do with you, Ms. Consumer? You want the lowest possible prices right? 

    The lowest possible price always comes at the expense of SOMEONE. 


    1. Lowest Prices? 

    Amazon makes it seem like you are always going to get the lowest price from them. The fact is, we at Your Oil Tools charge more for the same product on Amazon than we do on our website. 

    It's a true story. 

    We have to pay a very large Amazon fee to sell on Amazon. Even when we include a free 2 day shipping, we build all the costs that Amazon charges into the price on Amazon. 

    What's the solution for you? Buy directly from Your Oil, subscribe to our newsletter, and you will find you spend far LESS money by being a loyal, regular customer than if you were to buy those tools on Amazon. 

    2. Supporting Monopolistic Behaviors

    As parents, educators, and even business owners, all of us choose NOT to enable our children, students, and even our customers to treat us a certain way. We enact boundaries of good behavior. 

    Yet, in the pursuit of saving money, it's easy to let those boundaries go down. 

    But the result of our pursuit of convenience is enabling a GIANT to become even stronger. Why would we choose to place more power with an already powerful entity? Just to "save" money? 

    Amazon did $178 BILLION dollars in annual revenue in 2017. 

    We, who are actively building essential oil businesses love the fact that our favorite companies are approaching TWO Billion in annual revenue. 

    This isn't meant to knock the "Big Boys" in any industry. The scale of large essential oil companies allows them to do things around the world to bless small scale farmers, do humanitarian projects, and pay hard working distributors. 

    But none of the big essential oil companies will ever take over the world. 

    Amazon might, if we let it. (Think B&L from the movie Wall-E). 

    Funny I should mention it, because Jeff Bezos is looking at sending people to space. Just sayin'. 

    3. We tell our Customers not to buy oils on Amazon, right?

    We tell our customers not to buy oils on Amazon using arguments like low quality, shady oil suppliers, unsafe, contaminated, adulterated, etc. 

    Why then would we instruct them to buy any of their essential oil supplies on Amazon? 

    The more "aromatherapy" products they buy on Amazon, the more aromatherapy products Amazon will try to sell them. 


    It starts with a diffuser and a few roller bottles, but after a while Amazon will show them every $30.00 essential oil collection they can possibly buy. Ten oils for $30! Oh, and that collection has 1000 5 Star Reviews. Sounds great right? 

    Now certainly, consumers and customers will do what they will do and we can't stop them. But why encourage it? 

    Encourage them to buy from an aromatherapy store that supports your vision of blessing the world with the HIGHEST quality essential oils, not with the one that will attempt to sell them the LOWEST quality essential oils. 

    4. Support Your Small Business Owners

    Amazon pricing is what we call, a "race to zero." Amazon encourages vendors to lower their prices to compete with the next seller. 

    Certainly, this helps with price gouging and lowering the overall average cost of something that has huge markups. 

    But we who sell essential oils, we sell a product with a large markup by advocating for the the education, the community, the quality and the lifestyle transformation people can have from buying our products and partnering with us...

    ...while supporting a company that undercuts our prices every time they can?  

    Support companies that support your goals and your mission. If there's a small business, aromatherapy supply company that you like, support them! Support the moms and dads who have built a brand to support their families. 

    Personally, Y.O.T. has helped me support my family and grow while also building an essential oil business. And I'm grateful as a part owner of the company to every person who has spent their hard earned dollars with us (or with another smaller eCommerce store like us), instead of at Amazon. 

    Do your purchases support small Amazon sellers? For a while they will. Until Amazon decides to source their products directly and cut out the small seller. Because that's what they do when the market for those products gets large enough. 

    Plus in the race to zero, the ones who make money are Amazon and the original manufacturer, not the reseller, wholesaler, or distributor.

    5. Because The Companies We Distribute for sell oils on Amazon 

    This is controversial because there is certainly an effort to discourage our favorite essential oil companies from selling on Amazon. They could stop people from selling it if they want to. 

    Why do they do it? Not to "make money." No, it's for marketing. 

    There are countless people out there who have heard of your favorite network marketing based essential oil company. There are many who choose not to get involved directly with a distributor, but would rather buy discretely from.... Amazon! 

    Amazon becomes their first exposure and then they become repeat purchasers. 

    Then someone like you comes along and explains oils, lifestyle changes, and rewards programs and you have a prepared buyer. 

    Let Amazon be the place where people prepare themselves to get oils from you.

    But once they've met you and have their oils, don't encourage them to get all their aromatherapy products from Amazon. 

    It just makes good business sense, not to. 



    There are four phases to your doTERRA business building experience. Using a metaphor of the actual CONSTRUCTION of a building, you have the following phases:





    In our new product DIG DOWN DEEP, we compare building doTERRA to building a building. What is happening all too often is people begin "BUILDING" when they don't even have a foundation to build on, let alone the prep work to be successful. 

    Some of this is perpetuated by the notion that when you "GET STARTED" you just need to find your three builders. 

    In our analogy, that's like building the floors, walls, ceiling and roof without even preparing the ground first or pouring the foundation. 

    How do these four areas of constructing a building relate to building a doTERRA business?


    This is the prep period, the apprenticeship, the educational phase, the internship, etc. In construction, people start off as low skilled laborers. They don't know a lot, and they need time to learn it. DIG DOWN DEEP outlines what people need to know and be able to do in order to go to the next phase. If they haven't mastered the principles, beliefs, and skills outlined in DIG DOWN DEEP they will have a more difficult time building a solid foundation.


    This phase is meant to be the Launch to Elite phase, the phase in which people focus on adding customers, lots of them, who will enroll, identify a wellness or lifestyle need, and then do an LRP order. When YOU know how to enroll customers and help them see the value of LRP, you are ready for this next phase. 

    People treat the "Launch to Elite" phase as the beginning of their business. When we "Launched" our store, we had some prior experience and were able to launch it with some initial success. If people haven't had success before, the "Launching" part is really the trial and error, apprenticeship part we outline in Phase 1: DIG DOWN DEEP. 

    People who launch too early, without the skills to be really successful, are in greater risk of having their expectations unmet, experiencing rejection without knowing how to deal with it, and who could ultimately disappoint you when they don't turn out to be the builders you hoped they would. 


    When you build a building, you BUILD UP! You help people who want to BUILD, become BUILDERS. In order for these people to be successful builders they need to DIG DOWN DEEP. Then you will know they are builders and read to go through the FOUNDATIONS process of adding customers.

    In essence, you know you have a solid builder when they've gone through the process of preparing their groundwork and are successfully laying a foundation of strong customers. 

    You might even consider asking your strong upline to mentor and support your enrollees who have become builders. 


    When you advance to Phase Four you are like the General Contractor who can now oversea all the different people who are operating within their areas of expertise. You can help them in order to finish off your rank. 

    In PHASE FOUR you are helping your builders as they train their teams. 

    You can help a brand new person DIG DOWN DEEP. You can help another builder shore up their foundation by adding customers who you enroll to their foundation. You can help builders polish off their skills as they work with more and more people of diverse backgrounds and characteristics. You can motivate, help everyone reach their goals, and go into true leadership mode during THIS PHASE. 


    The problem people have when building doTERRA is they skip ahead to Phase 3 (identify builders) and Phase 4 (lead or manage or inspire) and then they expect other people to also jump ahead to Phase 3 and Phase 4 WITHOUT helping people get the right foundation. 

    Imagine asking a brand new employee on a job site, a kid, with no work experience, to start installing the plumbing or electrical into a building. Imagine saying, "Hey kiddo, you're a builder now because you showed up and said, 'I want to build.'" 

    But that's effectively what we are doing with people when they express even the faintest interest in building doTERRA. "You're hired! Now start installing the roof!" 

    Oh no. Don't go there yet. They need to get skills first. They need an apprenticeship program. They need time to practice, to fail, to learn, and ultimately to decide if they want to be a real builder. If they go through the DIG DOWN DEEP process and you can check off all the boxes, they are ready to move forward and start building. 

    Just remember, when they get started, they are metaphorically grabbing a shovel and learning how to build by digging trenches. Fortunately, it's much more joyful than just turning dirt! 


    Nope. It's a perspective. Someday there will be a derivative of this concept that will turn into a business training, but DIG DOWN DEEP is for the following people:

    1. Any doTERRA Leader or Builder

    2. Builders who are STUCK and are wondering how to move forward

    3. "Pretend Builders" - People who think they're building when they aren't - at all! 

    4. Frustrated builders - people who have been trying for a while to make this business work for them but aren't gaining traction.  

    This 26 page booklet is the least expensive PERSPECTIVE you could purchase on how to reevaluate your business and decide if you have the right builders in place or if you need to clear new ground and lay a new foundation to move forward. It's $2.95 for one booklet or $19.95 for 10.

    Good luck as you DIG DOWN DEEP

    Shipping Policy

    Shipping Policy

    Our goal is to make shipping as inexpensive as possible! 

    That's why we offer $125.00 free shipping ALL THE TIME to the entire USA*. 

    (*orders to Hawaii and Alaska will be charged an overweight fee for larger orders*)

    Other tools and supplies businesses like ours offer free shipping at $150 and $200, but we offer it ALL THE TIME!

    What's more, we guarantee next business day fulfillment. Other stores ship within 2-4 days after receiving the order. We however, will ship it the next business day after the order is received. Orders placed in the early morning can sometimes ship same day! 

    We also offer a $9.95 flat rate shipping option on all orders under 5 lbs to the continental USA.

    When you see our shipping rates calculated on your order, it is meant to be within pennies of what we pay the shipping carrier to send the package to you. We don't make money on shipping. 

    For international orders, if you have a large bulk order, consider calling us to get a custom shipping quote to your destination. We ship regularly to Europe, Canada, and Australia and are happy to provide you with the best quote possible

    Call us Y.O.T.

    Call us Y.O.T.


    We've gone through lots of change, up-leveling, evolution and improvement since we first opened our business nearly three years ago! From the look, to the feel, to the mindset of the people behind the curtain. 

    This nugget of truth below applies to everyone:

    "Our businesses are a reflection of the improvement we all experience as we grow." 

    When you first started your own essential oil business, it might have been your first time as a business owner. 

    It could have been your first time in the health and wellness industry. 

    Or the first time you attempted to market yourself to the best clientele possible. 

    Change was needed. Hopefully you have taken your game to higher levels as you continue to grow your business. 

    We have too! 

    We've up-leveled our brand to reflect the same quality of the oils you sell, the products you make, and the lifestyle you share. 

    Part of that change is the new look, the new logo and color scheme, but also an easier name to say:


    Our friends call us Y.O.T. Our local customers say things like, "Hey, I'm going to Y.O.T. this week, you need me to pick you something?" Or, "Let me take you to Y.O.T. so you can see all the awesome products available for new essential oil users." 

    Call us Y.O.T. 

    We continue to be Your Oil Tools, but at our heart, we're your friends, Steve & Steve, at Y.O.T. looking to help you grow your business, success, and life!

    To celebrate we are offering $10 off a $75.00 purchase through September 30, 2017. Use promo code "CALLUSYOT" at checkout.