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    What is the processing time to get my order? 

    Is Your Oil Tools™ associated with an essential oil company? 

    No. We are independent of essential oil companies. We will source products based on demand. If our customers demand products that are branded with the logo or trademarks of their preferred essential oil company we will do our best to source those products when we receive permission from the essential oil company to use their trademarked names.   

    Can I get bulk pricing?

    Absolutely! We're happy to provide quantity discounts on many of our popular aromatherapy tools. Many of the discounts are displayed on their corresponding product pages. To learn more about quantity pricing, click here

    Why is my Roller Ball Insert not Fitting Properly?

    Because the roller balls are manufactured in bulk, they can vary slightly in sizes. This margin is minimal but can result in the roller balls being a little too tight or a little too loose. If the roller balls are too tight, you can move them manually with your thumb. Once they have been moved and lubricated, you will see that they begin to move freely. If the roller balls do not work properly, We can issue you a replacement for any roller balls that are not working properly. Please contact us within 30 days of receipt and reference your original order number.

    Where or how do I get promo code?

    You can sign up for our monthly emails online. We send an email each month which includes promotions or coupons that are valid for that month. We also offer promotions on Facebook®, Instagram™, and Twitter™.

    Can I use plastic containers for essential oils?

    We have been asked a lot is it safe to use plastic bottles and containers to hold essential oils.Undiluted essential oils should not be stored in plastic containers.However, since our plastic bottles and containers are made of PET, diluted essential oils can be stored in our plastic bottles and containers.PET may also be an excellent alternative to glass for some products. It is less expensive than a comparable glass container, weighs less than glass, and recycles well. PET bottles and jars may be a good option for storing products containing essential oils.

    Maintaining your diffuser

    Just like any small appliances, an ultrasonic diffuser needs to be cleaned and maintained. Need to trouble-shoot a diffuser issue email us .Here are some pointers that will help keep your diffuser running smoothly and last longer:Wipe out the water cup with a paper towel and pay attention to the ultrasonic mechanism at the bottom of the cup. Change the water at least every other day.Unplug the unit from the wall before detaching the power cord from the unit. If you detach the power cord from the unit while it’s still plugged into the wall, you can get sparks.Once every week or so, give your diffuser a 10-minute soak with plain white vinegar.This will help remove any mineral deposits or "gumminess".Fill the diffuser cup past the fill line with white vinegar and just let it soak 10-15 minutes. Then dump it out, rinse with plain water and dry with a paper towel. (You’ll notice the difference!)Please refer to our Diffuser Policy for further information

    How Do I Return A Product or Order?

    Where Is My Refund?

    How Do I Loosen My Roller Ball ?

    If you find that the roller balls are "sticking" then it may just be a matter of putting some carrier oil on your thumb and rubbing the surface of the roller ball or simply working the roller ball with your thumb without any carrier oil. With enough rubbing or friction over the surface of the roller ball it should be enough to loose it. 

    Are Your Associated With or Do You Recommend Any Specific EO Company?

    We are an independent, family operated, small business, and we do not recommend nor are we associated with any specific EO company. We do have collaborators that use Essential Oils from various companies and have created knowledge and education based content for those specific companies, which can be found on  our site. We also carry non-branded, generic, FDA compliant education series and apparel.

    Who Qualifies for Free Shipping

    Free Shipping applies to all orders $125 or more within the United States (unless otherwise during promotions). All orders to Canada of  $195 USD or more  receive Free Shipping. See also our Shipping Policies section for more information

    Who Pays for the Import Fees

    We are a US based company, therefore any import charges associated with bringing your order into your country (i.e. Duties & Taxes) are payed for by the customer. These costs could fluctuate over time, so we recommend using an online calculator/estimator for what these costs might be. See also our Shipping Policies section for more information.